Connecting your Airbnb Listing to AirDNA With Your Airbnb Credentials
Written by Tom Williams
Updated over a week ago

Beta testing new Airbnb listing connection option - In March, we rolled out a new Airbnb connection feature that we're testing with a small subset of customers. We will continue to improve this experience based on customer feedback. Until it is more widely available, you may continue to connect Airbnb listings via the URL connection method.

You can connect your Airbnb listing to your AirDNA account using your Airbnb login credentials in the My Properties section of MarketMinder. To do this, simply enter the email address and password used to access your Airbnb account, and we will pull your listing information into your AirDNA account.

If you access your Airbnb account using a Google, Apple, or Facebook login, you cannot connect your listing through this method. You can, however, still connect it manually using your listing URL and iCal. Alternatively, you can remove the connection to your social account in your Airbnb account by going to Account and then Login & Security:


You will then need to create a new password:


Once you have completed these steps, you can connect your listing to AirDNA using your Airbnb login credentials.

Connecting your Airbnb listing to your AirDNA account has many benefits, like creating a custom list of competitor properties to help you identify and beat your competitors. Utilize our dynamic pricing tool Smart Rates, to help you price effectively based on comparable property performance and external factors like day of the week and booking lead time. These features are available to all users. Free users will get 30 days of rate recommendations from Smart Rates from the date the listing was connected.

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