How to Use the Occupancy Page in AirDNA's MarketMinder
Written by Tom Williams
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Occupancy is arguably the most important metric to track in the short-term rental industry. When measuring performance, insight into how often properties are occupied or overall market occupancy is invaluable.

MarketMinder helps you analyze occupancy performance in several ways, and it is important to understand how we calculate the occupancy rate. When calculating occupancy for a short-term rental, it’s essential to consider the days the property was available, as not all listings will be available year-round. For example, a listing could have been available 150 days of the last 12 months and occupied 50% of the time, so it was occupied 75 days in total.

Reserved Days / Total Available Days

Occupancy Rate


Here you can find the overall historical occupancy rate in the market by month, week, and day, helping you see spikes and drops in demand, identify patterns, and work out market trends.

Active Listings


Shows the supply in the market and how it has changed over time; the number of bedrooms breaks it down, and, as with all the graphs in the Research section of MarketMinder, it can be viewed across different time frames and filtered comprehensively to best suit your use case.

Booking Demand


Highlights booking demand in the market; after looking at the number of available listings, Booking Demand can help you compare how supply meets market demand. Using the Active Listings and Booking Demand graphs together can help you analyze whether the demand matches the number of available listings and vice versa.

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