How to Use the Revenue Page in AirDNA's MarketMinder
Written by Tom Williams
Updated over a week ago

Understanding the revenue generated in your market is one of the most important metrics to track in the short-term rental industry. The Revenue page in MarketMinder gives you comprehensive insight into the performance across your market.

With MarketMinder, you have multiple ways to analyze revenue performance, including grouped percentiles and the number of bedrooms, helping you refine your research, understand how much revenue you could expect from your listing, and identify historical market patterns.

Average Revenue by Percentile


This graph shows properties' average revenue by day, week, or month; the listings are then broken down into four percentile groups. These represent the performance of groups of properties when looking at the revenue generated, the 90th percentile being the top 10% in revenue performance and the 25th percentile being the bottom 25%. Many things can affect revenue performance, from location and listing quality to the number of bedrooms.

Average Revenue By Bedroom


With our comprehensive filters, you can narrow your search to factor in the attributes most relevant to you. The Revenue by Bedroom graph allows you to analyze how the number of bedrooms impacts the revenue generated in the chosen market.

Total Market Revenue


Analyzing the total revenue generated in the market is an excellent way of understanding market performance and trends. Here you can also see a direct comparison of property types, giving you insight into how STR types perform in the market.

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