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What are there two different active listing numbers?
What are there two different active listing numbers?

What's the difference between active and available listings?

Written by Tom Williams
Updated over a week ago

Available listings are an important metric to track when looking at market supply. An available listing is a short-term rental (STR) that was available to be booked or received a booking for at least 1 day in the previous month.

If a listing has entirely blocked its calendar during the reporting month but is still live on Airbnb or VRBO, we don't consider it truly active, as it has not been possible to make a reservation during that time.

In AirDNA, we show both Active listings and Available listings, both found on the Overview page of any market.

Active Listings

Available Listings

In most instances, these figures will be different as the Active Listings represent the total number of listings that were available in the market at some point over the last twelve months, whereas Available Listings represent the number of listings that are currently active.

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