Why is My Property Missing from AirDNA?

Here at AirDNA, we pride ourselves on having the best short-term rental (STR) data coverage. We collect vast amounts of data daily from STR channels such as Airbnb and VRBO, identifying new listings to add to our database. 

There are thousands of STR properties added to the market daily, meaning we can occasionally miss some new listings. If you are trying to connect your property to your AirDNA account and receive a message that your property is outside our database, please contact our Customer Success team, who will be happy to help. The time it takes to connect a property can vary depending on when your listing was added to Airbnb (up to two weeks). 

Smart Rates & Comp Set

Smart Rates are a great tool to help guide your STR pricing strategy, offering daily pricing recommendations based on key metrics to your property’s historical performance. To generate these pricing recommendations, our algorithm needs at least one week of property performance to base its projections. So if you connect a new listing to your AirDNA account, there may be a delay in the Smart Rates showing whilst we gather data on your property. 

If you want to use the Smart Rates tool but have a newer listing, we recommend using the Market Rates tool in the interim. Market Rates give you daily pricing recommendations based on market-level performance, which can be filtered to show figures more relevant to your property. 

The Comp Set feature is a great way to benchmark your performance against your nearest market competitors. Our algorithm needs at least one week of historical data to identify these competitors to provide relevant property analysis. Again, this delay is due to us wanting to give you the most accurate comparison properties to help gauge your own performance.

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