AirDNA’s MarketMinder Pricing

AirDNA’s MarketMinder is a subscription-based product providing data insight into worldwide short-term rental markets, tracking invaluable data points and metrics to help you on your vacation rental journey. 

AirDNA MarketMinder™ Pricing & Subscription Tiers

AirDNA’s MarketMinder™ is the tool most people use to assess short-term rental investment opportunities and track trends for their existing vacation rentals. We split the subscription pricing into tiers, and we define these by the size of the market being purchased: 

  • Zipcode / Neighbourhood – Gives you access to one specific neighborhood / zipcode (only available in larger cities with distinct zip codes)
  • City – Gives you access to one city and all zipcode or neighborhood markets within
  • State – Gives you access to one state, all cities, zip codes, and neighborhoods within 
  • Country – Gives you access to an entire country, including all states (if applicable), cities, zip codes, and neighborhoods within
  • Global – Gives you access to all short-term rental markets globally

How Much Does AirDNA MarketMinder Cost?

The price of each subscription depends on the market location, subscription tier, and number of short-term rental properties within that market. AirDNA offers monthly and annual subscriptions. All annual subscriptions are automatically 40% off.

  • Neighborhood subscriptions range from $9.95 to $39.95 per month.
  • Most cities range from $19.95 to $99.95 monthly, though smaller cities and towns may be cheaper.
  • U.S. states are $300 or $500 monthly, depending on the state.
  • Countries cost $300, $500, or $800 monthly, with the majority of countries costing either $300 or $500.
  • Global subscriptions are $599 with an annual subscription and $999 with a monthly subscription.

Annual subscriptions will be more affordable than the prices listed above.

To find the price of your exact market, search for it in MarketMinder and click on the purchase button. Here you can find the price options for monthly and annual subscriptions for your market. 

What's Included in a Free AirDNA MarketMinder Account? 

With a registered free account, you have limited access to the tool and its features: 

  • Select metrics on the Overview page
  • Map visibility and select property metrics
  • Ability to connect your Airbnb listing to AirDNA
    • Build a custom competitor list
    • Analyse competitor performance
    • 30 days of pricing recommendations
  • 100 Rentalizer searches (with limited information)

The city of Santa Monica, California, is our unlocked demo market, in which you can see all the tools and features that come with a paid account.

What’s Included in a Paid MarketMinder Account?

With a paid MarketMinder subscription, you will be able to access all areas of the tool for your chosen market: 

  • Market investment grade
  • Market trends and insight across occupancy, rates, and revenue, up to 5 years into the past
  • Extensive filters to help narrow down your dataset
  • Daily pricing recommendations 
  • Custom pricing recommendations (when an Airbnb listing is connected)
  • Booking insight six months into the future, including average daily rate and occupancy of booked listings
  • Booking lead time analysis for the next six months 
  • Market seasonality by day and month
  • RevPAR analysis for the last 12 months and three years 
  • Unlimited Rentalizer searches in your market with complete comparison property analysis and revenue forecast
  • See the top-performing properties by revenue, average daily rate, or reviews
  • Market comparison tools to compare the average daily rate, revenue, or occupancy performance of different markets, property types, or number of guests
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