What Does Days Available Mean?

Days Available refers to the number of days in the last 12 months a property was made available to be booked by the host.


This is an important figure to consider when analyzing short-term rentals (STR). Unlike hotels, STRs are not always available all year round, so to know a property's true occupancy rate, we need to factor in the number of days it was available to be booked. 

In the above example, the property was available to be booked 357 days out of the possible 365. During those 357 days, it had an occupancy rate of 85%. Therefore, it was occupied 303.5 days in total over the last 12 months.  Conversely, a property could have been available for only 50 days and had an occupancy rate of 85%, meaning it was occupied 42.5 days in total. 

More on how we calculate occupancy.

There are many reasons for differing days available when analyzing STRs. Some hosts may use the property as a second residence, the listing may have been undergoing renovations or repairs, or the host may block days to allow for cleaning. 

Considering your Days Available may give you insight into your overall revenue generated (fewer days available may mean lower overall revenue). You can also see your competitors’ Days Available to understand what’s driving their overall revenue and how you stack up against the competition. 

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