Can I Sign Up to AirDNA for Just One Month?

The subscriptions for MarketMinder are a monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime or an annual subscription paid upfront with a 40% discount. 

When signing up for a monthly subscription, you are purchasing access to the tool for a one-month period that renews automatically each month. You can cancel the subscription anytime in the subscriptions section of your account. 

If you choose to cancel your subscription, you will still have access to your market data until the end of the current subscription period. For example, if you purchased a subscription on the 10th of April and canceled one week later, you would still have access until the 10th of May. 

Canceling your subscription would limit you to the free features of MarketMinder; the Overview page and Rentalizer. If you have added your short-term rental property to your MarketMinder account, canceling your subscription would remove your access to the custom comp set and smart rates features. 

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