Why Can’t I Verify my Property in MarketMinder?

In order to connect your listing to MarketMinder, your listing needs to be active on Airbnb. An active listing is one that is available to take bookings on the platform. (At this time, you can only add Airbnb listings to AirDNA.)

If you are getting an error message when adding your property to MarketMinder, it could be that your listing is not active on Airbnb. 

To activate your listing on Airbnb: 

  1. Go to your Listings in Airbnb and select the listing you want to make active
  2. Go to Listing status and click Edit
  3. Change the Listing status to Listed and click Save

Once you change your status to Listed, it can take up to an hour for this update to be reflected in search results.

Once you have added your listing to MarketMinder, you can use our pricing tools, Smart Rates, competitor (comp) sets, and more to assist your short-term rental pricing strategy. 

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