How to Use AirDNA MarketMinder's Rates Page

Knowing how listings were historically priced is arguably the best way to gauge the performance of a market. With MarketMinder’s Rates page, you can see ADR information five years into the past, with expanded filters covering the types of properties, and pricing tiers for those properties, giving you the best tools to research your market. 

Comprehensive Historical Data

The Rates page shows the past five years of historical market performance data, which allows you to gain more insight into your market by understanding how ADR has changed over time.You can also choose the timescale from monthly, weekly and daily, which will dictate how far back the data set shown will be; monthly will show the last five years, weekly the previous three years, and daily the last year of ADR figures. 


Data Exporting

You are able to export data from the Rates page, allows you to analyze the figures in more detail, share information with clients, and build comprehensive estimates and forecasts. 

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