Do Smart Rates Update My Airbnb Calendar?

Dynamic pricing is a great way to ensure your pricing keeps up with market change; it also takes the guesswork out of when to adjust your rates and get the most optimal price for each day.


Dynamic Pricing

MarketMinder’s Smart Rates tool gives you pricing suggestions based on some of the key characteristics of your property, like its location and how you have priced it historically. These dynamic prices are updated daily, giving you a powerful compass to help in guiding your pricing strategy. 

You can copy these recommendations into your calendars on Airbnb, Vrbo, or any other channel you list your property on. Unfortunately, there is no direct way to link your AirDNA Smart Rates to your short-term rental calendar.

We do, however, offer an integration with FutureStay, a property management system. If you have an account with FutureStay, you can link our Smart Rate suggestions to your calendar, updating daily with our dynamic price recommendations. You can access the FutureStay integration through the Price Settings button on the Smart Rates page of MarketMinder. 


There is an additional cost to be a FutureStay customer. You can learn more about their pricing and services here


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