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AirDNA’s MarketMinder is a subscription-based product that gives insight into short-term rental markets. A market can be a zip code or neighborhood, city, state (only available in certain countries), and country. The pricing for these markets is determined by the number of short-term rental listings within, and the market boundaries are based on how they are set in Open Street Maps. 

How do I subscribe to a market?

To find the market you wish to subscribe to, start typing the city or zip code into the search bar in MarketMinder, and it will generate as you type. Once you have found your chosen market, you can see the defined boundaries on the map. For state and countrywide subscriptions, go to a market within the state/country and click purchase. You can select the state or country option from the purchase modal. For example, if you want to subscribe to the state of Texas, navigate to a market in Texas, like Houston, and click the purchase button where you will find the state option. 


What’s included with my subscription?

MarketMinder is incredibly useful when researching market-level data on occupancy, rates, revenue, and more. 

You can also use MarketMinder as a revenue management tool. You can get daily recommended rates for your listing with Smart Rates, create a custom Comp Set, and get a side-by-side comparison against your competitors. 

When looking for investment opportunities, our Rentalizer gives revenue estimates for a property as an STR; when subscribed to a market, you have unlimited searches within that market. 

How long is my subscription?

MarketMinder subscriptions are monthly or annual products and automatically renew at the end of the billing cycle; for example, if you subscribed to a market on the monthly plan on the 10th of May, the subscription would renew automatically on the 10th of June. You can cancel your subscription at any time and will not be billed if done before the renewal date. 


Can I Change Markets Mid-Subscription?

MarketMinder subscriptions are location-specific and not interchangeable with other markets during the subscription period. To gain access to another market, you would need to create a separate subscription for that area. 

Can I Upgrade My Plan?

It is possible to upgrade from a neighborhood plan to a city plan while only paying the difference between the neighborhood and city plans.

For example, if you have subscribed to Brooklyn in New York, to upgrade to the city plan, all you have to do is go to the overview page for New York, click on purchase, enter your password, and then click purchase. The savings will not be reflected on the payment screen but will be in the receipt that is sent to your email address.

If the charge was not prorated, then please reach out to our customer success team, and they will be able to assist you.

What is a Pending Subscription?

A pending subscription occurs when the initial payment fails, so the subscription cannot be created. To rectify this, please contact the customer success team

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