How Often is AirDNA's MarketMinder Data Updated?

MarketMinder has many valuable data points and metrics to help you understand the short-term rental industry. To ensure the information is as beneficial as possible, our data updates at different times over 30 days. 

Daily Data Updates

As a short-term rental host, seeing daily market change is invaluable when pricing your property. Data in our Market Rates and Smart Rates pricing tools is updated each day to ensure that you are ahead of the curve and have the optimal pricing strategy for your property. If you are using Smart Rates, not only will your rate suggestions update daily with market change, but if you make a pricing change in your Airbnb calendar, this will be reflected in the Smart Rates the following day. 

The Comp Set feature also updates daily, giving insight into how the properties most similar to your own are performing day-by-day, allowing you to action any changes you may need to make to stay competitive.

Knowing what's coming in your market makes navigating booking trends easier and more efficient. The Pacing tool, in which you can see day-by-day booking performance in your market for the next six months, is also updated daily. 

Weekly Data Updates

The Research section of MarketMinder updates each week, meaning you can see performance figures by day for the previous week on Occupancy, Rates, and Revenue, allowing you to make a detailed assessment of how a market is performing over a recent timeframe. These metrics can also be viewed across different time frames giving you the option to have a more granular view or view data over a longer period of time. 

Monthly Data Updates 

The Invest section of MarketMinder, comprised of Rentalizer, Top Properties, and Market Comparison, along with Seasonality from the Price section, is updated each month. This larger sample size is very useful for overall market analysis, allowing you to quickly assess the performance of a market or the revenue potential of a property. 

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