Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Data Views

Viewing data in different timeframes is very useful when it comes to understanding the performance of a market. MarketMinder allows you to view a market's Occupancy, Average Daily Rate, and Revenue by day, week, and month. 


The amount of data you can see changes based on which option you choose; the monthly option will show you information from the last five years, the weekly will show the previous three years, and the daily view will show the previous 12 months of market performance. 

Adjusting your view based on the timeframe coupled with the filters available in MarketMinder allows you to narrow down your search and focus on the critical aspects of your research. 

Using these expanded timeline views can also help you identify the impact of events or holidays in your market on a more granular level. Seeing a spike in occupancy or ADR could indicate a one-off event like a concert or a recurring event like Thanksgiving, in which you can use the information to inform your research. 

What is Considered Historical or Future Data in MarketMinder?

MarketMinder uses both historical and forward-looking data to give a full picture of a market's performance. The key difference between these data sets, apart from the timeframe, is the ADR and, in turn, the revenue. In all historical data, the cleaning fee is included in the ADR, and in all forward-looking data, it is not; just the nightly rate itself makes up the ADR. 

Historical data is used in the Research and Invest sections of MarketMinder, Seasonality also uses historical data. Forward-looking data is used in the Pacing and Smart Rates tabs only. 

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