How to Apply Filters in AirDNA's MarketMinder

AirDNA’s MarketMinder is a powerful tool for analyzing a short-term rental market, giving you insight into different data points and metrics. With the amount of information you can access in MarketMinder, being able to filter your view allows you to assess the data to best match your use case.

The Research section of MarketMinder shows market performance in Occupancy, Rates, and Revenue; at the top of each of these pages, you can apply filters by clicking on the bedrooms, Price Tier, and the More button. 

Price Tiers segment properties in a market into different pricing categories based on their historical ADR performance. With this filter, you can select which types of property you wish to analyze, for example, if you want to look at the revenue generation of upscale properties. 

Clicking the More filters button will open the expanded filters menu, where you can select the real estate type, from apartments to unique stays, where you can see professionally managed properties or not, and more. 


Once you have selected your chosen filters on one page, they will remain applied across each page in the Research section. For example, you can analyze a set of properties' performance in ADR and then look at the same property set in revenue performance. 


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