How do I Use the Map View in AirDNA's MarketMinder?



The data shown on the map, which can be viewed throughout the research section of the tool, is the most property-specific data in MarketMinder. You can find the performance figures for a listing from the last 12 months. You can also see how much revenue a listing has generated, the ADR it charged, its occupancy rate, and the number of days it was available to be booked in that period. The page also displays which rental channels a property is listed on, the configuration of bedrooms, bathrooms, and guests it can accommodate, and the rating and number of reviews. 


We collect property location information directly from the rental platforms in which they are listed. In order to protect the host, the coordinates are scrambled by the platforms to within a 500-meter (550 yards) radius. This means that the locations we show for properties on the map may be different from their exact location. 



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