Understanding AirDNA MarketMinder Terms


Market Grade

A calculation of market performance based on rental demand, revenue growth, seasonality, regulation, and investability

Active Rental

Active vacation rentals are those that had at least one calendar day classified as reserved or available during the reporting period

Rental Channel

A short-term rental listing platform, Airbnb, VRBO, etc

Rental Size

The size of the STR by the number of bedrooms the listing contains


The amenities published on the listing page, pool, Wifi, kitchen, etc

Airbnb Ratings

Average Airbnb host rating in the market

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation policy for the vacation rental listing


Occupancy Rate

The percentage of time a listing was occupied in a given time frame. The calculation only includes vacation rentals with at least one Booked Night

Available Days

The total number of days the listing was classified as available to be booked in the last 12 months

Listing Nights Booked 

The total number of nights that were booked across every booked property in the market in a given time period


Average Daily Rate (ADR)

Average daily rate of booked nights. ADR = Total Revenue / Booked Nights, inclusive of the cleaning fees


Percentiles are used to rank property performance when looking at a varied dataset of different property types. Each percentile represents a group of properties and how they are performing in certain metrics.



The revenue generated by the property in a given time frame, calculated by multiplying the ADR by the occupancy rate

Smart Rates

Market Rates

Average daily rates based on the number of active listings in your chosen market

Smart Rates

Daily rate suggestions based on the characteristics of a listing (only available once an active property has been linked to the My Properties section)


Future Demand Analysis

Shows the next six months of current bookings for future dates in a market by day

Booking Trends

Shows when bookings were made for the next six months for future dates in a market by day


Booking Lead Time

The number of days in advance the reservation was made before the stay date


Booking fluctuation over a given time frame, beach markets showing more bookings in summer and less in winter for example


Revenue Per Available Rental = ADR * Occupancy Rate



The Airbnb Calculator that allows you to enter any address to gain insight into how it may perform as a short-term rental property, giving projected revenue, ADR, and occupancy for the next 12 months

Revenue Potential 

The potential revenue of a property if it were available to be booked everyday of the last 12 months

Financial Calculator 

Input expected setup and annual costs for a potential short term rental property and get a net income figure for the next 12 months

Top Properties

Top Properties

Top-performing STRs in the market

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