What is RevPAR?
Written by Tom Williams
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RevPAR, or Revenue Per Available Rental, is a useful metric to see demand in a market. Looking at how many bookings were made and in turn, how much revenue was generated, showing the most or least popular times.

This metric is useful as it provides insight into seasonality in the market by calculating the average daily rate and the occupancy rate. We show both daily and monthly RevPAR, both of which are calculated differently:

Daily RevPAR is calculated by dividing total revenue generated by the number of available properties in the market.

Monthly RevPAR - Total market revenue x total available listings

Daily RevPAR

In the calendar view, you can see the daily RevPAR for each month. This is color-coded from light blue to dark blue on the following scale:

Light Blue = Lower demand

Dark Blue = Higher demand

Monthly RevPAR

Monthly RevPAR reports on the high and low points of demand on a monthly basis.

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